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CD Einkäufe 2013

Die "guten" Vorsätze sind eigentlich jetzt schon wieder dahin (maximal 1/6 des Vorjahres auszugeben) und es bahnt sich schon wieder eine brutal lange Liste an. Wie letztes Jahr gilt auch jetzt:

Band neu in meiner Musiksammlung
Album noch nicht bei eingetragen
(X) = CD ausreichend angehört, sodass sie zum Review ausgewählt werden könnte
Verwendete Farbe und daher ohne Bedeutung :p

Am Schluss wieder eine Jahressumme, neues Ziel: Maximal 2/3 des Vorjahres ausgeben, wenn ich drüber geh verkauf ich CD's. *kreisch*

Carissa's Wierd ‎– They'll Only Miss You When You Leave: Songs 1996-2003
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Dead Can Dance - Anastasis
Maria Callas - La Divina (30CD Box-Set)  (geschenkt)

The Boomtown Rats - The Best of The Boomtown Rats
The Agonist - Prisoners (X)
Saturnus - Saturn In Ascension (X)
Nyktalgia - Nyktalgia
Various Artists/Sampler - Death Certificate MMXIII (Legacy Beilage)
Berserker - Berserker Berlin (Legacy Beilage)
Various Artists/Sampler - Legacy #86 (05/2013)
Marilyn Manson - Get Your Gunn (Geschenk!)
Marilyn Manson - Lunchbox (Geschenk!)
Licht erlischt... - The Narrow Path (X)
Stalaggh - :Projekt Terror:
Broken Circle - Out Of The Abyss Demo (X)
Imagine Dragons - Night Visions (X)
Obituary - Darkest Day (EK=7€) im Tausch für:
Suidakra - Lays from Afar (Re-Release) (EK=2,13€) Ebay: 02.09.2012
Lordi - The Arockalypse (EK=3,03€) Ebay: 02.09.2012
Orden Ogan - Easton Hope
Lord Vicar - Signs Of Osiris
Woods of Desolation - Torn Beyond Reason
Agalloch - The Mantle (X)
Shape of Despair - Shape of Despair (X)
Mayhem - Grand Declaration Of War (X)
Immortal - Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
Hypocrisy - The Arrival
Gorgoroth - Pentagramm (X)
Helel - A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh (X)
Ivenberg - Leben heißt Sterben (X)
Corpus Diavolis - Revolucia
Hell:On - Re:Born
Ketelens' Brukke - Graeueltaten / Memories Of Life
Necrosadistic Goat Torture - The Maniac's Banquet
Native In Black - At the Mystic Gates Of Eternal Winter (doppelt in Sammlung, 2x geliefert!!)
Fatal Error - Conglomerate
Shining Abyss - Sacrifice - Reh. 96
United Mind Club - World Blood History
On Horns Impaled - Total World Domination
Cydia - Evil Sun
Animus Mortis - Atrabilis (Residues From Verb & Flesh)
Split: Tenebrae In Perpetuum / Krohm [Krohm - Tenebrae In Perpetuum]
Suicidal Vortex - My Existence: A Series Of Thoughts Amidst Infinitive Darkness
Shadowdream - Part Of The Infinity (doppelt in Sammlung) (X)
Myrkr - Black Illumination
Hellebaard - Fier
Smashed Ruins - Silence
Skady - Eyn Raunen Im Tannicht
Gross Grolland - What Doesn't Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake
Nefarius - The deterrence and renounce of faith
Istapp - Köldens Union
Stahlklang - Bei Nacht und Nebel
Urak-Hai - Cirith Ungol (doppelt in Sammlung) (X)
Necronom - A Darkening Path
Симфонія Життя - Чиста Криниця
Raven Throne - Тенью Сквозь Смерть
Orthanc - L'Age de Raison
Nemesis Ovlta - The Complex
Nord'n'Commander - Hermeneutics
Various Artists/Sampler - Norsk Svart Metall
D.Hate - Game With Ghosts
Lycanthropy - Black Christmas
Split: Sieghetnar / Uruk-Hai [Sieghetnar - Uruk-Hai]
Nocturnal Sin - Nastier
Na Rasputje ‎– The Throne Of Immortal Ones / Hammer Of Holocaust
Nechrist - Casus Belli
Nightside - The End Of Christianity
Nocturnal Vomit - Divine Profanation
Split: Nephilim / Klandestyn [Nephilim - Klandestyn]
Nordmen - Vertus Guerrieres
Forgotten Winter - Dialéctica Transcendental
Split: Wargod Domination [Nokturne - Noctifer]
Apolion - Death Grows Into Sperm
Native In Black - At the Mystic Gates Of Eternal WinterNetherealm - The Occultist Omnibus
Dammerung - Dark Poetry
Rose Land - Au Mont des Soupirs
Chadenn - Aux Portes de la Mort
Killer Dwarfs - Dirty Weapons
King Køng - King Who?
King's X - King's X
Lawdy - Outlaw Invasion
In The Name - In The Name
Helicon - Helicon
Royal Rout - Royal Rout (X)
Heartscore - Sculptures
Calm - Are We Supposed To Be...
Blue Murder - Blue Murder
Bloodhound Gang - Hooray For Boobies
Stoner Kings - Brimstone Blues
Step Child - The Prayer
Staind - Dysfunction
Staind - Break The Cycle
Solemnity - Reign In Hell
Solid Vision - Eleven (X)
Alkemyst - Meeting In The Mist
$400 Suits - Never Give What You Can't Take Back
Dead Head - Dream Deceiver
Dark Nova - Sivilla (doppelt in Sammlung)
Crazy Town - The Gift Of Game
Cradle Of Thorns - Download This!
Clawfinger - Deaf Dumb Blind
Chris Caffery - Music Man
Chris Caffery - W.A.R.P.E.D.
Chris Caffery - Faces / God Damn War
Patriarch - Prophecy
Brutality - When The Sky Turns Black
Bosco - Herzblut
Biss - Face-Off
Balansia - Balansia
Axis Of Advance - Obey
Auberon - The Tale Of Black
Arkhon Infaustus - Perdition Insanabilis
Anubis Gate - Purification (Promo)
Anthenora - The Last Command (Promo)
Bloddhound  Gang - Hefty Fine
Bloodhound Gang - One Fierce Beer Coaster
Blood Has Been Shed - Spirals
Black Milk - Ultrawide
Awaken - Be Prayer
Augury - Fragmentary Evidence
Artrosis - In The Flowers' Shade
Anfall - Feuer, Eis & Energie
Ironware - Break Out (doppelt in Sammlung)
Lisa Dominique - Gypsy Ryder
Depressive Age - Lying in Wait
Dee Tail - Eye Owe You (X)
Feeder - Comfort In Sound (X)
Gates Of Ishatar - Dawn of Flames (Promo)
Fozzy - All That Remains (Promo)
Empty Tremor - The Alien Inside (Promo)
The Dictators - Viva Dictators (Promo)
Delirious - Designed By Violence (Promo)
Decubitus - Codex Sinaiticus (Promo)
Deathbutcher - Demo (Promo)
Daytag1 - Daytag1 (Promo)
Dark Reality - Blossom Of Mourning (Promo)
Cryptic Carnage - Retrospect 2000 (Promo)
Dynasty of Music - Shadows
Sky's Shadow - Fate
Skullview - Kings Of The Universe
Sixty Watt Shaman - Reason To Live
Dynamic Lights - Shape (Promo)
Godsend - In The Electric Mist (Promo)
Totalisti - Slave to None
The Gathering - Mandylion (Promo)
Tenebrae - Hypnotech (Promo)
Tantrum - Twisted in anguish (Promo)
Spellblast - Ray Of Time
Sex Museum - Two Sisters (Promo) (doppelt in Sammlung)
Septic Flesh - Esoptron (Promo)
Leviathan - Riddles, Questions, Poetry & Outrage (Promo) (doppelt in Sammlung)
Honeymoon Suite - HMS Live (Promo)
Hammers Of Misfortune - The August Engine
Hämatom - Wenn Man Vom Teufel Spricht (Promo)
Grenouer - Try (Promo)
Riot - The Privilege Of Power
Sceptic - Pathetic Being (Promo)
Passenger - Passenger (Promo)
Pandemia - Riven (Promo)
Obligatorisk Tortyr - Obligatorisk Tortyr (Promo)
Nightfall - Athenian Echoes (Promo)
Molly Hatchet - Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge (Promo)
Misanthrope - Visionnaire (Promo)
Mad Sin - All This And More (Singel)
Los Suaves - Si Yo Fuera Dios (Promo)
My Own Victim - Burning Inside (X)
Lion - Trouble In Angel City
Lucy's Fur Coat - Jaundice
Lungbrush - Old School - New School
Maraya - No Hope For Humanity...?
Mind's Eye - A Work Of Art
Martin Motnik - Bass Invader
The Lemonheads - Come On Feel The Lemonheads
Leviathan - Riddles, Questions, Poetry & Outrage
Kick - Sweet Lick Of Fire
Kalel - Lolita
Subzero - Happiness Without Peace
The Black Cherries - The Black Cherries
The Fixx - Calm Animals
Time Machine - Shades Of Time
Think About Mutation - Hellraver
Various Artists/Sampler - Daredevil - The Album
Various Artists/Sampler - Out Of The Dark - 20 Years Nuclear Blast
Various Artists/Sampler - Ride The Lightning
Various Artists/Sampler - X-Treme - The Best Of Hard'n'Bizarre

Spacewalk - A Salute To Ace Frehley
Strip Mind - What's In Your Mouth
Stone Sour - Stone Sour
Wrathchild U.K. - The Biz Suxx But We Don't Care
Vicious Circle - Fine Line
Veil - Words Against Nothing
Trans Am - Unlimited
Tragic Romance - Cancel The Future - Live
Toxic Virgin - Sulphur
Titan Force - Titan Force
Anasarca - Godmachine
Various Artists/Sampler - Yes New York
Puddle Of Mudd - She Hates Me (X)
Quo Vadis - Defiant Imagination (X)
Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows
Queens Of The Stone Age - Lullabies To Paralyze
Paingod - Paingod (doppelt in Sammlung)
Radakka - Malice And Tranquility
Poltergeist - Behind My Mask (X)
Phantoms Of Future - Chimera (X)
Myballoon - Between Here And Away
Graveyard Rodeo - Sowing Discord In The Haunts Of Man
Gurd - D-Fect (The Remixes)
Reaper - Victory V
Respect - Despair
Mustasch - Above All
Oversoul - Seven Days in November (doppelt in Sammlung)
Firebird - No.3
Mystrez - The Indictment
New Eden - Obscure Master Plan
Night in Gales - Necrodynamic
Gurd - Bedlam (X)
Heads Or Tales - Eternity Becomes A Lie (X)
Powermad - Absolute Power (X)
Radakka - Requiem For The Innocent (X)
Esira - Are U Blind
Fastway - Bad Bad Girls
Every Time I Die - Hot Damn!
Power Of Expression - X-Territorial
My Own Victim - The Weapon
My Own Victim - No Voice, No Rights, No Freedom
Only Living Witness - Innocents
Fu Manchu - Go For It... Live! (X)
Hangover - Shit Happens (X)
Rage - Ghosts
Solemnity - King of Dreams
Saxorior - Saxot (X)

Paradise Lost - Forever Failure
The Sisters of Mercy - A Slight Case of Overbombing: Greatest Hits Volume One
Necronomicon - The Devil's Tongue
Bruce Dickinson - Accident Of Birth
Cruachan - Ride On

Nightwish - Nemo
Nightfall - Eons Aura
Lacrimosa - Alles Lüge

SuidAkrA - Lays From Afar (Digipack) (X)
SuidAkrA - Signs For The Fallen
SuidAkrA - Emprise To Avalon
SuidAkrA - The Arcanum (X)
SuidAkrA - Book of Dowth

Lindsey Stirling - Lindsey Stirling (X)
Deafheaven - Roads to Judah

An Autumn For Crippeld Children - Everything (X)
Nebunam - Nebunam
Sirenia - Nine Destinies And A Downfall
Dark Tranquillity - Character
Sun of Sadness - Picture

Marilyn Manson - Born Villain (X)

Summe: 497,58€
Erlaubte Maximalsumme 2013: 991,27€
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